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Live Where Nature Is Your Neighbour

We're not your average new community developer. Our small size and commitment to the Alberta housing market makes us very different in the way we do business and the way we plan communities. Everyone from investors to home builders to residents are valued members of the community development process. A face-to-face chat whenever possible is part of our mission to be a company of fair, honest and just plain good people to work with.

We've got connections.

Being based out of Calgary, Alberta, competition is stiff for the talented individuals it takes to plan and build smart, lasting communities. We've spent years fostering strong relationships between the top planners, engineers and custom home builders in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane and Langdon. No matter the challenge, our incredible team will rise to it and exceed your expectations.

What does a community developer do exactly?

About Harmony Park Developments

Unless you're familiar with the new home industry, it can be difficult to tell where the developer ends and where the home builder begins. In truth, we work together, but at the heart of the project is the developer.

We find the land, create a community theme and then assemble a team of engineers and planners to make the new community a reality. With a plan in place, we build the parks, pathways, roads and all necessary infrastructure for services like water, sewage, gas and electricity. From there, our experienced Alberta home builders come onboard to really bring each unique community to life.

Even after every phase is complete and every house is sold, there's still work to be done. Home owners can give us a call whenever problems, like damaged fences, arise. Residents can also count on us to support their community events and initiatives.

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