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Pay less and get more!

We’re sure you’ve been hearing all about the housing market in Calgary this past year and a lot of the news out there can get pretty overwhelming. One of the common concerns in the city is the price tag of homes that are on the market. What are some options for those families who want to get more bang for their buck?


If you are looking for a spacious, beautiful home, but don't want the price tag of the inner-city why not explore our Boulder Creek Estates in Langdon, Alberta?


Located in the peaceful hamlet of Langdon, Alberta, Boulder Creek Estates is a new community that boasts the low-stress lifestyle, quiet neighbourhood, and larger green spaces to enjoy. Boulder Creek is only located 15 minutes outside of Calgary so, if you're business is in the city you are not far! Boulder Creek is all about good neighbours, amenities, golfing, and of course the extra home space that you would not get for the price in the city.

Why Boulder Creek?

Some great reasons to consider living in Boulder Creek can be shown in the following:

  • Quick access to the Trans-Canada
  • Lots nearly double the size of city lots
  • Shops, restaurants, and offices that cover your daily needs
  • Amenities that define small-town charm on the early 1900's themed Main Street
  • Grade A schools for kids: kindergarten, elementary, and junior high schools right in town, and the high school located close by in Chestermere
  • Activities such as sports fields, playgrounds, and pathways are nearby
  • Outdoor activities abound!

Finding an estate-sized home does not have to cost you in the millions! Our homes start in the 520's! So don't let the city's official "limits" keep you contained, there's more space for what you love- and more money left over to do it in Boulder Creek Estates. Contact us today to get started on finding your dream home.