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Rocky View County Approves 46 Lots in Phase 5C

Kristen Spruit Rocky View Weekly

Rocky View County (RVC) council unanimously approved the final phase (5c) of a subdivision in Langdon that will see an additional 46 single-family residential lots - approximately 136 new residents - be added to Boulder Creek Estates, a residential development located in Langdon.

At full-build out, the development will consist of 462 residential lots and a public golf course, located south of Dead Horse Road and east of Centre Street in Langdon.

“This represents a continuation of the Boulder Creek community,” said RVC Planner Amy Zaluski to council at a regular meeting on Jan. 14.

The conceptual scheme for the Boulder Creek development was approved by council in 2003, and subdivision applications were subsequently approved after 2005. Zaluski said phases one through four of the development have already been fully endorsed, and much of the build-out is complete. Phases 5a and 5b have been approved, but the latter is pending endorsement.

The developer for the project is Harmony Park - a local company that has developed residential areas in Langdon, Airdrie, Calgary and Cochrane since 2003.

Responding to a question by area Councillor Rolly Ashdown, Zaluski said no shortcomings in the previous stages of the development were identified that should be addressed before approving this final stage.

She confirmed that although this is the final phase of the development, there are two other titled parcels of land within the conceptual scheme area that will require a Master Site Development Plan before subdivision applications can be considered.

Ashdown said the current residents would like to see pathways come from the community to connect to the rest of the hamlet, which Zaluski said will be built. According to a County report, new roads within the development will include a sidewalk on one side of street an aspect that is absent in many other locations in the Hamlet of Langdon.

Zaluski told council potable water to the development will be provided by Langdon Waterworks and wastewater treatment by a connection to the Rocky View Waste Water Transmission Line (RVWWTL).

The developer will be required to pay the new wastewater offsite levy that was adopted by council on July 23, 2013. The previous levy was rescinded as it was unable to recoup the remaining money still owing on the investment made into water and wastewater infrastructure in East RVC.

Councillor Jerry Arshinoff asked administration several questions about the safety of the potable water system and wastewater system being provided to the development, including: was a Safety Drinking Water Plan submitted to Alberta Environment by the end of last year; have any issues with infrastructure been reported; and do staff at Langdon Waterworks have the required training and upgrading sufficient to run the plant?

RVC Manager of Infrastructure and Operations Byron Riemann confirmed the plant and the RVWWTL is compliant with Alberta Environments standards and regulations.

Zaluski told council because the area of the development is susceptible to high ground water tables, a new stormwater management plan is require for the final phase. She said the plan will also help alleviate any concerns for flooding in the development by evaluating any off-site drainage flows needed.

“Not to my knowledge” said Amy Melnick, communications coordinator for Rocky View County, as the whether their were any concerns expressed over flooding. “The updated Stormwater Management Plan will identify an potential concerns and any required mitigation measures.”

According to the 2013 census, Langdon has a population of 4,897 and was identified as an area of growth in RVC in the County Plan.