Commuting from Langdon to Calgary - A Relaxing Drive to End the Day
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Boulder Creek Estates Welcome Sign, Langdon

Many residents of Langdon choose to live in this quiet, laid back town to escape the pressure of the city. Large lots, an abundance of parks, and neighbors you actually know make Langdon the perfect community to come home to.

A question we get a lot from people who are thinking about moving to Langdon has to do with the commute; what is the commute like from Langdon to Calgary during rush hour? Residents of Boulder Creek Estates have timed their commutes from Langdon to downtown Calgary to be about 35 minutes and in rush hour it can be 45 minutes. This is a fairly typical commute for the average Calgarian commuting into the core from the suburbs.

The difference for Boulder Creek residents has been that they’ve said that they enjoy their commute.  Yes that’s right; at first we were surprised about that.  Then residents expressed that their day involved quite a bit of stress at work, then maybe a busy family evening; their relaxing easy commute became part of their “me” time each day, where they could unwind, listen to what’s going on in the world on the radio while sipping their coffee or just listening to their favorite music; what we thought might be a negative they found was a positive.

“I commute to the heart of downtown each day, during rush hour, and it takes me the same amount of time to get there as my colleagues living in the new communities in the South and North ends of the city. Except I don’t sit in stop & go traffic which is always so exhausting, I actually get to move at a decent pace. I have excellent access into each zone of the city via 22x, Glenmore or 16th Ave, and the ring road has made the commute to other areas of the city even faster.” – Derek H.

Some added benefits to living in Langdon are that your kids can often go to school much closer to home than in many of the new Calgary communities, your lot will likely be larger and your house further apart from your neighbors, and the sense of calmness throughout the community is a nice change from the hustle and bustle of the city. Langdon is a place where you can really relax.