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Langdon Breaks Ground on Community Garden

The Langdon Community Garden Society broke ground on the Langdon Community Garden on Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015.

At the ceremony, the Langdon Girl Guides held a tree planting ceremony, and the community youth group revealed a community art project, and the conceptual design for the garden was also shown to the community.

According to the Society’s website:, the mission of the garden is to “promote the coming together of Langdon’s citizens with a common purpose of nurturing, developing and sustaining a growing space in our community.”

An interesting aspect to the first phase of the garden will be the six food bank plots, which will grow food for the SE Rockyview, Strathmore, and Chestermere food banks. In addition to these plots, 20 will be available for lease from members of the community. All plots are to be designed so that they can be reached by people of all ages and sizes, and there will be paths and benches so anyone from the community can walk through.

The garden still has a long way to go, but initially the society plans to plant perennial beds, fruit trees, pumpkin patches, and vegetable gardens with pathways and benches throughout. There will be designated areas for children, and a teen section that will help educate the younger members of the community on agriculture and gardening.

To keep up to date on what is happening with the garden, the progress that’s been made, and how to sign up or register for plots, visit the Society’s webpage:

Community gardens provide an opportunity to meet other people in your local area, learn more about gardening and agriculture, and the chance to eat naturally grown produce! For Langdon, it will also be a great way to provide fresh produce to the three food banks that it will be growing vegetables for. Gardening has also been known to improve mental health and help people stay physically active. To learn more about community gardens in Alberta, check out this website:

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