10 Reasons Why You Should Call Langdon Home
  • Boulder Creek Golf Course
  • Live in a Town Near Calgary
  • Small Town Amenities in Langdon
  • Recreational Opportunities in Langdon
  • Live a Slower Pace in a Town Outside Calgary

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Call Langdon, AB Home

Let’s Get Historical

Feeling lucky? Langdon, Alberta is nicknamed the “good luck town” because in between the years 1883 and 1908 there was not one death. If this isn’t lucky enough, Langdon’s location on the railroad’s horseshoe shaped turnaround keeps the town on a streak! Langdon’s rich history keeps things interesting for all residents and visitors.

Cue the Quaint

Even navigating around this community is quaint by nature. Each street name in Langdon is named after the homesteading families that gave life to Langdon over a century ago.

Say Good-bye to Your Traffic Woes

Located 20 minutes outside of Calgary, AB, Langdon affords residents the luxury of traffic-free driving -with more time to spend doing the things you love! Also, road construction and maintenance are among the top priority to ensure a safe and easy drive anywhere you need to go. That sure beats sitting in rush-hour traffic in the city!

Prepare to be Charmed

This little town has BIG charm. The 1908 themed shops on the town’s main strip are among the features that give this town its name. An ode to the pioneers who settled here in the early 1900s will win you over and definitely make you want to stay.

Frugal & Fabulous!

Why pay more and get less? Boulder Estates in Langdon allow you the space, luxury, and lifestyle that would cost you an arm and a leg in the city. Here you can have it all without having to drain your budget!

FORE-get All of Your Troubles

Calling all golfers! Live the low-stress lifestyle that you want with the proximity to the golf course that you need! Relaxing in the tranquil atmosphere of Boulder Creek Golf Course makes your life here a hole-in-one!

Kick the Pavement Blues

Keep active in the outdoors! Langdon is home to over 100 acres of parks and open spaces. Organized clubs, interconnected pathways, wildlife, and indoor amenities are all available to residents and visitors looking to appreciate the beautiful outdoor landscape.

Change your Perspective

Why be bound to the city limits? Day trips from Langdon are full of possibilities. With the mountains only an hour drive, to the beautiful canyons in Drumheller- Langdon is within reach of some of Alberta’s most breathtaking scenes and attractions.

Bring the Kids!

In case you were wondering- Langdon is home to Langdon School (grades K-9) and Sarah Thompson School (grades K-4). These charming country schools are modest in size, and have a real community feeling that centers on quality education for every student.

Go Green

Wildlife and vegetation is a coveted aspect of the town. Regulations are in place to maintain the local flora and fauna of Langdon and surrounding areas, which allows Langdon to be a sustainable and eco-friendly community.

If you want the amenities of the city with the quaint charm of small-town living Langdon is the community for you. Boulder Creek Estates bring comfortable luxury to this inviting and lovable town. See for yourself, you won’t want to leave!