Heritage Hills Residents Information
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Information for Residents of Heritage Hills

Maintaining a beautiful community takes numerous stakeholders. Please review the information below to learn more about who is responsible for which areas of community upkeep.

Who is responsible for what in Heritage Hills?


  • Snow Clearing Responsibilities

    • Harmony Park Developments Corp. is currently responsible for clearing Phases 3A & 3C. If snow conditions are worsening in these phases, please do not hesitate to notify us via the contact page.
    • The Town of Cochrane is responsible for clearing Phases 1, 2A & 2B. For more information on the Town’s snow clearing practices, please click here.
    • Please be advised that rear lanes are not regularly plowed or sanded by Harmony Park Developments Corp. or the Town of Cochrane.
  • Landscape Maintenance Responsibilities

    • Harmony Park Developments is currently responsible for maintaining Phase 2B & 3C’s trees & sod on the boulevard, as well as the Environmental Reserve Pathway.
    • The Town of Cochrane is responsible for maintaining all other public landscaping in Heritage Hills.
  • Construction Materials

    • Home sites that are under construction by our building partners are their responsibility to maintain. Construction waste materials should be properly disposed of via garbage bins on each site.