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Spotlight on Cochrane's Local Businesses


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Spotlight On Local Businesses In Cochrane


There are many benefits to shopping locally – not only are the shops conveniently located, but buying items from your fellow community members puts money back into your local community, increases job opportunities and wages, and encourages the producing and selling of distinct and diverse goods!


Cochrane is home to many unique shops and boutiques where residents and visitors can purchase the goods and services they need while supporting their local community. From clothing to home décor and fine dining, Cochrane has much to offer. Here are just three local businesses that residents should be sure to check out:

Tea…and Other Things (110 2nd Ave W, Cochrane) carries over 400 packaged and loose teas from around the world, including green, black, and oolong varieties. Tea can be purchased and enjoyed in-store or at home, or from the company’s website.


Antique and vintage lovers can visit The Vintage Verandah, (208 1st St W #204, Cochrane) a store specializing in selling re-purposed items as well as providing workshops on how you can re-purpose your own antique items.


The Gentry Espresso Bar (312 5th Ave #9, Cochrane) orders their coffee from small roasters who deal directly with farmers. They are major advocates of fair trade and sustainable business practices. All ingredients are found from fresh and local sources, to provide delicious coffee and support to local businesses.