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Check out our list of fun things to do this season!

May 26, 2015

14 Fun Free Things to do in Alberta this Summer

Wherever you are in the province this summer there are many things to do and they don't have to cost a lot of money! Check out our list of fun things to do this season!

Take a HikeHiking in Alberta

Hiking is a bountiful summer activity in Alberta. Being so close to the Rocky Mountains provides many opportunities to get out there and trail blaze. Click here to view trails.

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Stampede Festivals Abound!

With the Stampede Parade and the free breakfasts the city is buzzing with celebrations. Getting out to many of the free events the Calgary Stampede has to offer can be a great day of fun with the family.

Free Festivals

With over 40 festivals happening this summer, there's something new in Calgary every weekend! Take the family and friends and get outside to enjoy these.

Go Rafting

A summertime favourite for everyone! There are some beautiful rivers in Alberta to take advantage of, but be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, and have your lifejackets with you.

Explore the Inkpots in Johnston Canyon

You've probably been hiking here, but have you ventured as far as the ink pots? If you continue hiking past the upper falls for several kilometres to access this hidden gem.

Check out the Library

Take advantage of the new free library card and check out thousands of other worlds. Books, CD's, magazines, and more that you can take home.

Go Animal SpottingFree Things to Do in Alberta

Summer is a perfect time for animal spotting in Alberta. Go for a drive and see how many different species you can see.

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Go and See some Little League Games

Head over to a local park or diamond and check out a free game.

Go on a Picnic

Make a lunch and head to some beautiful locations that Alberta has to offer. The foothills and Bragg Creek have some great picturesque areas to have lunch.

The Centre of the Province

Check out the point in Alberta where, vertically and horizontally, the points meet and you are standing in the exact centre of the province. Going on a short hike into the forest near Swan Hills will lead you to a place where a grizzly cub cain waits for you.

Rope Swing

On a hot day find the rope swing at Johnston Lake. Watch out for what's below as there could be swimmers and even fish!

Dinosaur Land

Going on a trip to Drumheller and the Alberta Badlands brings you back in time. Exploring the hoodoos and tracing the steps of Alberta's dinosaurs used to roam is exciting for all ages. Check out the Drumheller Spray Park when the day is over.

Farmer's Markets

The Alberta Farmer's Market Association has compiled a list of Farmer's markets across the province. Try one out in a different town to see how the products differ.

Cool Off in the WaterFamily Fun at Alberta Spray Parks

Most communities in the province offer spray parks to keep cool. Most of them are free and it's a great way to keep cool in the summer heat.

The possibilities for fun this summer are endless. Take advantage of some of these activities without spending a dime!

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