Benefits of Living Near Green Space
  • Armonia Gala

For years now studies have shown that overall health benefits are evident in people that live around or close to green space.

October 2, 2015

Living in a more rural community allows you the ease and convenience of green space at your fingertips! Consider the following benefits when you’re deciding on your forever home:

Green Space…

Improves Immune Function

In Japan there is a popular therapy practice called “forest bathing” that actually boosts immune function. It is said that walking through forests can help reduce obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic syndrome. Having the opportunity to get outdoors every day can potentially boost your immune function in amazing ways.

Reduces Stress

Being in nature allows your mind to think freely as well as exercise. This creates healthier cortisol levels and allows you to calmly address stressful situations with reflection and physical activity.

Improves Mental Health

Green space is often linked to lower levels of anxiety, depression, and stress. Since physical health is closely linked to mental health, being active and outdoors is more likely to improve your symptoms of mental health issues.

Improves Longevity

In a recent study from the Netherlands closeness to green space was seen to correlate with healthy longevity and quality of life.

Promotes Physical Activity and Exercise

Proximity to green space makes physical activity more accessible as well as more economical. Studies show that the convenience and accessibility of areas to exercise play a major factor in people with active lifestyles.

Improves Sleep

When nature is playing a larger role in your sleep habits it is easier to rise and fall with the sun. Instead of artificial lighting and unnatural sleep cycles being around nature can promote getting more meaningful sleep.

Reduces Air Pollution

Grass, tress, and plants of all kinds promote clean air. Studies have found that breathing in cleaner air leads to better health of pregnant women and newborn children. It goes without saying that everyone can benefit from being in clean air.

If you’re thinking of moving, consider moving to an area with more green space such as Heritage Hills, Cochrane or Boulder Creek Estates, Langdon!