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  • Armonia Gala

Big Values in Langdon

November 1, 2010

 Does Boulder Creek's claim Small town Big Values stand true in the community? And moreover what specifically are those Big Values they're talking about? I took a drive to Langdon this weekend to find out.

The first thing that I noticed driving into the community, was how incredibly impressive the houses are. Almost every house has a triple car garage, front facing windows, and a nice wide porch. The streets are wide with either golf course or green space behind each home. And the character shows through each house with diverse frontage and bright colors.

In the City limits you're not likely to find that style of living, and I mean spacious, private, and rich in personality, in any new community and certainly not at the $400,000 price point.

I was sold on the fact that Boulder Creek offered good value for your investment in terms of square footage. The developers had obviously taken consideration of structure and layout, providing the foundation for the community to become strong in identity. Yet a community is more than houses and streets. A community is really about the people and the social culture they decide to create.

I surveyed several residents on the subject of Big values living in Boulder Creek. The first thing that come out repeatedly was the convenience of having the ability to store the “big toys” such as trailers, boats, snowmobiles, ATV's and motorbikes. The large garage is the quintessential shop for those who have the ‘Work Hard Play Hard' mentality. So as it is, most garages are open during the week, with parents and children inside, tinkering away at projects and preparing for the weekend of fun ahead without the inherent hassles of storage off-site.

The residents are for the majority quite young, working on the east side of Calgary drawing many from the Foothills industrial park, and even the airport. The commute is quick and for the most part headache- free without major traffic buildups and stop and go driving. I guess what that means is that the less time you spend traveling back and forth, the more time you have for other more important things like enjoying family, using those toys, actually finding downtime and socializing with with neighbors.

Legend has it that the residents of Boulder Creek Terrace gather many a night around a large fire pit in the middle of the cul-de-sac getting to know one another, laughing away the weeks frustrations, and sharing the value of small town living.

The parks come to life early in the morning as new mom's with mugs of coffee bring their children to play. Children are seen playing throughout the paths and streets surrounded by the safety of a small town community.

To some it is the walk down memory lane, a return to the peaceful pace, pride in the homestead and the social collaboration to maintain it, streets and neighbors unified in the value of family, companionship, hard work, and play, diversity and conversation. A great mix of old and new.

I suppose then to summarize, in seeing first hand, Boulder Creek does maintain the integrity to which it claims to have. And of that, most evidently, a return to family values and free-time.

It is about having a home with everything you love in one place available when you need it. A home you can come home to. A home where you do more than just hang your hat.

Sounds like a great place for young families, for those that value the open door and know your name style of the calm friendly neighborhood far from the rampant pressure of the City's matrix. All in all, it was worth the drive, to be inspired, and to witness the form of modern day quality living.