8 Ways to Get Involved in Your New Community
  • Armonia Gala

Getting Involved in Your New Community

January 5, 2015

Having a new community to call home over the winter can feel a bit strange and unfamiliar. Having a new place to live often comes new traditions and events that may not have been around before. If you’re trying to decide how your new community is going to fit into your lifestyle consider some new ways to get involved, and some new things to do in your home for the wintery season. This can be one of the most exciting new experiences for your family! Try:


Taking the focus off of gifts and volunteering at a local establishment is one way to get involved in your local area, while getting a job done for others. This will also help you to meet others in your community and establish relationships. If you have children this is the perfect opportunity to teach them the importance of helping out others, and giving them a sense of community in their new home and neighbourhood.


Walking around the houses of your neighbourhood to send warmth in this cold climate is a perfect way to meet new neighbours. Even if you are just bringing a plate of cookies from your holiday baking list, there is no better way to make friends than to bring food with you.

Checking out Some DIY Projects for a Warm and Cozy Day Indoors

Making decorations, new hot chocolate recipes, and art projects are all great ideas for spending some time indoors over the winter. 

Taking Advantage of Alberta's Snowfall

Grab your skates and sleds and take a look around the neighbourhood. With your hot chocolate thermos in one hand, and your toboggan in the other this is a great way to have fun with the whole family, breathe some of that crisp Alberta air, and enjoy our Canadian winters. Hey- you may make some friends at the rink too!

Looking Around at the Local Lighting Scene

Many homeowners keep their holiday lights up into the winter season. If you ever are looking for something to do outdoors looking at the different lights is fun for the whole family. 

Venturing to Another Town

While it is exciting to see your own town in all of its frozen glory, it would definitely be an interesting evening to check out how neighbouring communities are combating this cold weather. Get some ideas from decorators, visit a friend in a nearby town. Enjoy the winter scenery on your drive across town! 

Seeing a Show

Oftentimes churches, community centres, or schools have shows and events for family fun. Checking one out will really keep you warm, and may also lead to new relationships in your town. Getting to know traditions in your area are a great way to maintain involvement.

Documenting Your Life Through Crafts and Photo Albums Based on Your New Location

This will allow you to show and tell your friends and family all about your new life and new traditions!

Living in a new community can be a big change, especially if you are relocating from a great distance away. The winter months are a perfect time to get to know people in your area, and to get involved in a positive way. Traditions can always be created, and what better way to start then with getting to know your new surroundings and new friends. We hope this winter season is full of family fun in your new home and environment!