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  • Armonia Gala

Check out some of Alberta's greatest trail rides and road paths to ride this summer 2015.

May 26, 2015

Cycle Your Way Through Alberta This Summer 

Whether you’re a beginner cyclist or you are training for your next triathalon, Alberta has some of the best trails for getting out there for a spin this summer.

If you’re not sure where to go for a bike ride heading out can seem a little overwhelming. We’ve compiled a list that has beginner courses through to more experienced courses if you’re living in Cochrane, AB or Langdon, AB or surrounding areas. Mountain bikers and road cyclists alike can find something that will be perfect for your skill level and preferences.  Make the most of your cycling summer in some of the most beautiful areas in Canada:

mountain biking Cochrane

Cochrane, AB

Cochrane, AB has some of the greatest road riding routes in Alberta. There are miles and miles of wide country roads rolling through the foothills with small towns sprinkled along the way. Mountain biking here is not as prominent as in Bragg Creek, but we have listed a great trail that has seen some traffic in the recent years.

Cycling Courses in Cochrane

Kananaskis- Cochrane to Longview 99.3km

24.62km Road Cycling Route

Cochrane to Grandview 68kms

14.78km Cochrane Route

Mountain Bike Course in Cochrane

13.46km Mountain Bike Trail

Biking in Langdon this summer can be a great adventure. We have listed two great trails that have been recommended by riders in recent seasons. The great thing about biking in Langdon is you have the opportunity to forge your own trail. Using you can add your favourite routes and trails that track time and elevation. Try out a new trail and record it in Langdon!

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Langdon, AB

Langdon Cycling Course

Strathmore to Langdon Loop 61km

Mountain Bike Course in Langdon

3.49km Mtn bike in Langdon

Bike Bros. Cycling & Mountain Biking Experts Cochrane Alberta

If you’re just beginning your cycling or mountain biking interest you should check out Bike Bros. in Cochrane, AB for expert tips and tricks to getting your hobby started. Their mission is to help people discover or continue the enjoyment of cycling- be it a pastime or an obsession, they want to make cycling the best experience possible.