Ways to Keep Warm in Calgary's Winter
  • Armonia Gala

Warmth in the Winter

December 1, 2014

With Southern Alberta’s temperamental weather patterns, it can be difficult to transition from cold to warm easily. Let’s be honest, when it’s cold here..it’s COLD no matter which community you live in. If you’re finding yourself chilled to the bone, here are some creative ways to defrost and enjoy the season. With the Holidays quickly approaching it may be good to take your mind off of some typical stresses that tend to come our way, and just focus on keeping WARM!

Drink Hot Chocolate, Lots!

Dating back to the Mayans who happened to invent sipping the cold-climate favourite, this drink seems to make us feel happy, and research continues to prove this as fact. The antioxidants in chocolate can help to fight off a ton of diseases, and even aging! The most immediate benefit of hot chocolate is the warmth! So be sure to include this tasty drink sitting around your brand new kitchen or in front of the fireplace! 

Go Play in the Snow.

Warm up by playing outside? On a chilly but not TOO cold day take advantage of the winter sports that people travel the world to do here. Heading to the mountains for a day of skiing or boarding is a very short drive if you live in our Cochrane community of Heritage Hills, and outdoor rinks can be found close to most Calgary & area communities. Breathe in the fresh air and get your blood flowing!

Wear Awesome Ugly Sweaters.

So this option may not be in the comfort zone of everyone reading this, but these sweaters have been a real hit in the last decade. There are many options you have to choose from too, from reindeer with 3D noses, and Christmas lights strung from left to right. You’ll be sure to keep warm in these wonderful creations- if not just from laughing at each other wearing them!

Volunteer in your Community.

There is really no better way to keep warm than to spread the warmth. After the flood last year, Albertan’s were reported to be amazingly kind and helpful to those in need. Keeping this tradition going throughout the seasons shows what Calgarians are made of. So get out there and help your fellow citizens to have the greatest holiday. You will certainly be spreading the warmth throughout the city when lending a hand.


Professional chefs will tell you, the best way to get warm is to step inside a professional kitchen. After about 2 minutes you will be feeling the heat. So, instead of stepping into an inferno at a professional kitchen why not throw something on the stove and cook for some family and friends? The warmth you will be feeling will a) be from the stove/oven, but also b) from the happiness that sharing a meal brings. Try out a new recipe or have a lavish dinner party! Making meals always brings people together, and brings warmth to the home.

One last tip: In Calgary just as you think there is no going back (defrosting), then comes a Chinook. We have so much to look forward to this winter! We hope you have a warm and toasty season!